Intelliworx Consulting

Anurag Dutt

Principal Consultant


About us

INTELLI WORX is one of the India’s leading Manpower Consulting & Recruitment Company. Established by the experienced Management Team for the purpose of bridging the gap between the companies that desire efficient manpower and the eligible job seekers.

Our Values

We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust. We represent consistent ethical and moral standards through our words, deeds and actions.

Our Mission

INTELLIWORX aims at introducing the best suitable staff for your employment needs. From helping hire quality staff to outsourcing, we are instrumental in improving the work quality through high quality manpower.

Our Philosophy

At INTELLIWORX, we want to create a society where individuals are empowered to realize their full potential by maximizing their talents and abilities and the companies, the educational community, and organizations value all people and foster the creation of wealth and self-fulfillment.


We offer a plethora of services related to hiring and upgrading Manpower.




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