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Makeup Artist

-Pari Kamboj

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Makeup for photoshoots as well as special events such as Proms, weddings, Party makeups, Theme Makeup, Shoot Makeups  quinceañeras, graduations, etc.
  • Transformed clients daily into perfect versions of themselves using specialized techniques such as HD airbrush makeup application according to each client’s individual preferences.
  • Utilized creativity to design unique looks featuring the latest trends in cosmetics with focus on enhancing the client’s natural features.
  • Promoted safety guidelines at all times by providing clients with professional advice on proper skin care routines before their appointments.
  • Built positive relationships with customers while upselling additional items, such as false eyelashes or disposable mascara wands.

Key Achievement:

  • Executed over 100 makeovers per month during peak season resulting in consistently high customer satisfaction rates (97%).


The best makeup life hacks will show you how to enhance beauty and look fabulous! Choosing the best beauty products could be a tricky job and requires a lot of knowledge.


Makeup artistry means noninvasive care of the skin by applica- tion of cosmetic preparations for cleansing and the application of makeup, which includes the application of cosmetics or any pigment product that is used to cover, camouflage or decorate the skin.

7 Benefits of Wearing Makeup

There’s a lot to convey when it comes to talking about the benefits of makeup. So here’s how it benefits you personally.

1. Boosts your self-confidence: When people wear makeup, they look confident and ready to face the day. It also helps maintain an excellent attitude when you go out. In a corporate setting, girls feel more authoritative and portray a stronger character after wearing natural beauty product. In addition, it generates great support from colleagues.

2. Enables skin protection: One of the greatest benefits of makeup is that it shields your skin from harmful environmental aggressors such as pollution, dirt, and weather conditions such as smog. It creates a thin barrier on and around the skin, protecting it from exposure to harmful environmental aggressors. Make sure you moisturize well and apply an SPF before applying makeup.

When selecting beauty care products, you should pick the ones that are safe, long-lasting, do not harm the skin, and create an attractive look. Therefore, we advise you to pick a brand such as Mamaearth Colorcare products.

Loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients, they are available in various types of makeup products. From picking the other compact and foundations to selecting different looks for your eye makeup, we’ve got you covered in making you look beautiful.

3. Conceals uneven skin: When you cover your skin with makeup fully, it helps you hide and conceal dark patches on the skin. It also helps lighten acne, aging spots, wrinkles, and blemishes. In addition, it aids in hiding your age and makes you look younger.

4. Makes you look beautiful: Whether you apply makeup yourself or go to a salon and hire professional help to apply makeup, it can make you look beautiful. You can have a flawless picture-perfect look for every occasion with the right makeup. Also, it gives various options to try on and decide what’s best for your attire.

5. Deeply cleanses the skin: As you might know, removing makeup from the skin is important to maintain health. But are you aware that removing makeup requires excess oil or impurities in your skin pores?

Deep cleansing helps in achieving healthier and more radiant skin. If you’re looking for a natural product that helps remove the makeup safely, you can pick Mamaearth Micellar Water Foaming Makeup Remover. It helps in removing makeup quickly and moisturizing the skin effectively.



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  • Bridal Makeups
  • Studio makeups
  • Party makeups
  • Shoot Makeups
    We Provide
    Natural makeup
    Airbrush makeup
    HD makeup
    • Hair Styling
    • Nail Art
    • Mehandi Artist



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